Fraud Awareness

Be Aware of Fraud

We are aware of a recent rise in the number of TBUK customers falling victims to fraud. Always protect yourself against scams.

  • Never give out any personal information to people if their identity may be in doubt.
  • Beware of suspicious emails or calls.
  • Be cautious when purchasing goods from unfamiliar websites.
  • Always ensure your devices are updated to the latest software.
  • Never reveal security verification codes or passwords – we will never contact you requesting this information.

If you believe you may have been the victim of fraud, please contact us immediately on 0800 032 0480

For more information, visit the Action Fraud website.

Customers should be particularly mindful of the following threats

Never share one-time passcodes with anyone.

One-time passcodes sent to you by email or SMS should never be shared with anyone.

Fraudsters are finding more inventive ways to persuade customers to hand over these passcodes, such as convincing customers they are calling from their bank and positioning the codes as a way of verifying their identity.

TBUK will never ask you to share a code with anyone else. Only use the code for the specific purpose for which it was sent.

Beware of Purchase Scams

When buying online, beware the following signs that the seller is fraudulent:

  • A deal that is too good to be true
  • Unfamiliar websites / links from social media
  • A request for payment via bank transfer rather than card
  • Offers that have limited stock or expire soon (to make you act quickly)

Beware of Impersonation Scams

Beware of calls from people pretending to be from companies or services you trust.

Scammers may contact you by phone or email, often telling made-up stories based on recent events such as the war in Ukraine or the cost of living. They may then ask you to move money or reveal personal details.

We will never ask for your personal details in this way. Never reveal full passwords or personal/account information over the phone.

Beware of Personalised Scams

Beware of people contacting you who have found out information about you, either from social media or data leaks.

They may use this information, such as date of birth, address or other personal information to gain your trust and convince you that they are from a legitimate organisation such as TBUK.

They may use tactics such as telling you your account may be shut down if you do not act.

We will never ask for personal details or full passcodes. Never reveal full passwords or personal/account information over the phone.

Beware of Remote Takeover Scams

Fraudsters are manipulating victims into downloading and installing programs that take over their computers and allow them access to sensitive into.

They may do this by convincing you that you’re already having technical problems or are already a victim of fraud.

We will never ask you to download a computer program as a response to a problem or issue. Never follow the instructions of someone whose identity is not clear.

Confirmation of Payee is Now Available at TurkishBank UK

At TBUK, we ensure all faster payments made online use the ‘Confirmation of Payee’ system to ensure safe payments and minimise fraud. Confirmation of Payee is a way of giving payers greater assurance that their payments are being routed to the intended recipient and therefore are not being accidentally or deliberately misdirected. In practice, this works by ensuring the details you have provided for the account – in particular, the personal/business account name –  match the verified details held on a collective database.

When paying a new business or individual, you will be told if the account details you have entered match the database, or advised if you should re-check the details or proceed with caution. You may also be provided with a close match if the details you entered are close to those of an account listed on the database. Never ignore any warnings given to you by the Confirmation of Payee system. We recommend you only proceed with a payment if the account details can be verified.

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