60 Day Notice Account

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  • The minimum balance to open the account is £1,000. Minimum additional deposits can be £1,000, however customers may be allowed to deposit smaller amounts at management discretion.
  • Deposits can be made by payments received form the customer’s account at another UK’s banks or by cheque.
  • Joint accounts can be opened for customers who currently have joint customer records and accounts.
  • Minimum amount for withdrawal from the account is £500, provided the account balance does not fall below £1,000.
  • For withdrawals customers will need to give notice 60-days in advance. The notice period starts on the date of receipt of the customer instruction or such specified later date.
  • If the customer wishes to withdraw funds before the end of the notice period this will result in a penalty of 60 days loss of interest on the amount withdrawn and minimum charge of £10.
  • Customers can withdraw funds by making transfers to another bank account or in cash from tills, at the Managers discretion.
  • Interest will be paid annually on 31st December or at account closure.
  • Statements will be issued at regular intervals depending on activity through the account, otherwise annually at the year-end.
  • Credit/debit advices will be sent to customers upon each transaction.
  • Variable interest rates apply to the account.

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