Debit Card

Debit Cards are available for our customers to apply for. By having a Turkish Bank Contactless Debit Card, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • The benefit of the Visa symbol allows you to purchase goods anywhere in the World that display the VISA symbol as well as purchase goods and services over the internet and telephone
  • Cash withdrawals from any cash machine in the UK as well as many participating cash machines overseas, which means that you will always have access to your cash regardless of your location.
  • Unrestricted banking hours so that you can withdraw your money 24 hours a day
  • Additional security as there is no need to carry excess cash around, just use your Debit Card to purchase that item instead
  • Controlled spending which means that you can only spend the balance that you have available in your account

Contactless payments with your Debit Cards

  • Make payments of £30 and under quickly and easily with contactless. You can make contactless payments wherever you see this symbol 
  • It is safe and secure with contactless payments have the same protection as chip and pin payments.

If you have not already applied for your Debit Card please print and complete either a Personal or Business application and return it either your local branch or Card Services:

Turkish Bank (UK)
(Card Service)
84-86 Borough High Street
London SE1 1LN


Withdrawing cash in UK

  • There is no charge for withdrawing cash at most High Street Banks and Building Societies. However, some ATM machines that are not associated with Banks or Building Societies may charge a fee.
  • You will always be informed of this charge when making your withdrawal

Card transactions abroad

  • You will pay a conversion fee of 3% of sterling value of anything you buy when using your card

Withdrawing cash abroad

  • You will pay a transaction fee of 2% (minimum £2, maximum £5) on cash withdrawals abroad as well as a conversion fee of 3% of the sterling value of transactions
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