Mortgage Products
If you want a property from UK, you can apply for a mortgage from Turkish bank even if you are non-resident in UK. It is a minimum 3 months process and could differ from other countries.
When you decide on a property and you agreed on price, you should work with a solicitor to prepare the agreement between you and the vendor. You should be ready to be patient about the process which will take approximately a minimum of 2 months if everything is on track.
If you aren’t UK resident and you decided which property to buy, you should :

A) You need to apply to open an account at TBUK. Please see above the necessary documents for account opening. If you already have an account at TBUK, please see below.
B) We will inform you about our different mortgage packages and you can decide accordingly.
C) We will need you to provide related files for mortgage request including your assets, bank statements, salary details, company/business shares or other income sources that show your financial profile.

Yes we do, please contact us for more information
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