Account Switching

Turkish Bank Payment Switching Service
Turkish Bank are pleased to be a member of the Payment Switching Service, which is a straightforward process, free of charge and will give you the peace of mind of knowing that your regular payments will continue to be paid on the same day each month. You can switch any standing order and direct debits you have with your old bank to Turkish Bank by simply filling the attached form. Your account with the old bank will not be closed and you are in charge of choosing which direct debits/standing orders to switch at what date.

What is the partial switch service?
This is available for personal and business accounts that customers eligible for the Payment Switch Service who do not want to close their old account or transfer all regular payments.

How do I use the partial switch service?
Step one
You can switch your payments once you have an account with us.
Step two
Complete the Payment Switching form and send it to us in the post or hand in your branch if you have an account with us, or ask to complete it while you are opening an account in one of our branches
Step three
Once we have received your request to switch, we will contact your old bank for a list of your Direct Debits, Standing Orders and Bill payments. For new customers, this will happen once your account with us is open and operational.
Step four
When we receive the list back, we will set up your standing orders, direct debits and bill payments that you indicated on the form.

Using the Turkish Bank Payment Service
What you need to do:
Complete, sign and return the Turkish Bank Payment Switching form attached. If you Don’t have an account with us yet, you can visit one of our six branches in London to open an account and also complete the Payment Switching form.

Then what we will do:
Once you have opened a new account and you have returned the Switching Form to us. We will ask your old bank for a list of all the Standing Orders, Direct Debits and Bill Payments that you have on your old account. Then make we will sure we will transfer the ones you have indicated on the form and set them up on your account.

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