Student Accounts : The  “Milennials”

Student Accounts and Millennials

As Turkishbank UK, we believe that students are our future. Therefore we call them “millennials” and try to support them in their first banking experience in UK.

If you are :

*   18 years old or over
*   Be studying (or have been accepted to begin studying) a full time qualifying school/course and have been resident in UK or
*   Have graduated within the last two years YOU are our “millennial” customer

You can:
*   Make payments within the UK and overseas
*   TBUK contactless debit card
*   Access to your account through Online banking, ATM. Telephone banking

Account benefits
*   TBT prepaid card with easy access
*   Ease of setting up standing order for rent, tuition etc
*   Ease of setting up joint account for standing orders

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