Please note, this account is closed to new applications.

The minimum deposit to open and be maintained is 1,000. Further deposits to the 90 Day Notice account are to be at a minimum of 500, however smaller amounts may be accepted at Management discretion.

Deposits can be made by payments received from the customers account at another UK Bank, by cheque or by paying in cash at one of our Branches.

Joint accounts can be opened for customers who currently have joint customer records and accounts.

If at any time the account balance falls below 1,000, then the interest paid will reduce to a rate of 0.10%.

90 Days' Notice is required for all withdrawals. Early withdrawals before the expiry of the 90 Days' Notice period are not permitted.

Customers can withdraw funds by making transfers to an account with Turkish Bank (UK) Ltd or by BACS to an account in your name elsewhere.

Statements will be issued quarterly if there are any transactions, otherwise annually.

Interest will be paid semi annually on 30th June and 31st December.

Variable interest rates apply to the account. The rate is guaranteed not to go below the Bank of England Base Rate plus 0.50%.

Maximum amount to be accepted is 250,000.
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