Please note, this account is closed to new applications.

Please fill in the application form and post it to the address below;

Direct Savings Section
84 - 86 Borough High Street

If you have any queries please call us on

0800 0320 480

This account is only available to existing customers.

The minimum balance to open the account is 1,000. Minimum additional deposits can be 1,000, however customers may be allowed to deposit smaller amounts at management discretion.

Deposits can be made by payments received form the customer's account at another UK's banks, by cheque or by cash at the tills.

Joint accounts can be opened for customers who currently have joint customer records and accounts.

Minimum amount for withdrawal from the account is 500, provided the account balance does not fall below 1,000.

If at any time the account balance falls below 1,000, then the interest paid will be reduced to 0.1 %.

For withdrawals customers will need to give notice 60-days in advance. The notice period starts on the date of receipt of the customer instruction or such specified later date.

If the customer wishes to withdraw funds before the end of the notice period this will result in a penalty of 60 days loss of interest on the amount withdrawn and minimum charge of 10.

Customers can withdraw funds by making transfers to another bank account or in cash from tills, at the Managers discretion.

Interest will be paid annually on 31st December or at account closure.

Statements will be issued at regular intervals depending on activity through the account, otherwise annually at the year-end.

Credit/debit advices will be sent to customers upon each transaction.

Variable interest rates apply to the account. For balances above 1,000 the rate is guaranteed not to go below the Bank of England Base Rate plus 0.50% until further notice.

Maximum amount to be accepted is 250.000.

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