This remittance product is available to Personal UK Residents only.

Customer must complete a Money Transfer application form stating their full address and postcode.

The name of the remitter MUST match that on the card.

The only Card Types that can be accepted are Visa, Mastercard, Debit, Solo, Switch, Maestro and Cirrus. American Express and Diners Card are not acceptable.

The cardholder does not require any ID up to a limit set by the Bank. If it is over the set limit, the cardholder must provide acceptable documentary evidence of identification to make a transfer.

You must enter the pin number for the card. Signing is not allowed to make any transfer, only chip and pin. If the technology is not working for some reason we will NOT be able to undertake any Debit and Credit card transactions.

Cashback is not allowed.

Amount and charges will be added together on a debit card. For customers using a credit card there is an additional charge of 1.5% on the transaction amount plus the Bank's remittance charge.

Customers will be allowed to send up to 3,500 per transaction using debit or credit cards.

Refunds can only be made to a customer if present in the branch, and then only to the card account, provided that we have not already sent our payment instructions to the Correspondent Bank to pay the beneficiary.

All return payments or refunds MUST be made to original card number with the cardholder authorization.

We cannot accept any third party users or instructions.

Any amendments to the original instructions will be subject to further charges.

Any return payments requested by the remitter will be subject to correspondent bank's agreement to return the funds and there will be additional charges for this service.

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